What’s next for clothes?

The UK’s biggest clothing retailer has unveiled its latest clothing line, and it’s a big step for the brand as it tries to compete in the increasingly competitive world of

Which child’s clothes are the most expensive?

The price of clothes on the Internet is often the most popular search result, according to a new survey.The annual study by consumer-focused consumer-research company Mintel found that the average

Walmart, Walmart employees join Fight for $15 labor union

Walmart is joining the Fight for a $15 minimum wage nationwide.Walmart is the latest fast food restaurant chain to join the Fight, which is led by a coalition of local

The 7 Most Fashionable Fall Clothes on the Market Today

August 1, 2021 0 Comments

The trend of women wearing fall clothes is a growing one, with more than 5 billion women globally choosing to ditch traditional styles for a less restrictive and more feminine