Which brand names are best for your new baby?

For the first time ever, CBC Marketplace has ranked the best maternity clothes brands in Canada.In our ranking, we took into account factors like price, style, design and customer service,

Harley Davidson says its ‘humble’ to say transgender customers can’t buy dresses

It was a statement on a dress that no one would ever say publicly.But that didn’t stop the brand from saying it’s proud to be transgender.“We are transgender and we

Rainbow clothing store in Georgia opens with rainbow flag

WASHINGTON — A rainbow clothing store is opening Friday in the Georgia suburbs of Augusta and Alpharetta.Owner Jodie Dillard says the rainbow flag is part of her business because she’s

How to buy the rainbow clothing for your mom

June 22, 2021 0 Comments

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The weather is forecast to be a bit drier this weekend for many people who are planning to wear colorful outfits at a wedding, but it won’t