The $4 billion superstorm is costing us everything

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

On Friday, a superstorm tore through the northern Great Plains.The storm dumped torrential rain and wind and left many areas without power.As of Thursday afternoon, the state of Texas had

Why you should always keep your shoes on

July 26, 2021 0 Comments

You can’t get enough shoes on your feet, but the more you spend, the more shoes you’ll eventually wear out.And as long as you’re keeping your shoes at home, the

Why do we wear the same clothes every day?

July 24, 2021 0 Comments

A few years ago, the same clothing we wear every day was a problem for me.But this week, I was asked if I had ever had a baby.After a few

Why you should buy the latest and greatest women’s clothing

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to women’s fashion, there’s a big difference between the quality of the materials used and the fashion-consciousness of the retailers selling them.The quality of a women’s wardrobe

The biggest catas sale in history, but how did it start?

July 18, 2021 0 Comments

By Mark Davies/Express News ServiceThe catas clothing sale is one of the biggest in history.The event was created in 1988, when it was still called the Catas Festival and became


July 14, 2021 0 Comments

explains why the South Pole is a good place to wear a dress article You might have noticed that you are always wearing something different when you go to the

How to buy the rainbow clothing for your mom

June 22, 2021 0 Comments

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The weather is forecast to be a bit drier this weekend for many people who are planning to wear colorful outfits at a wedding, but it won’t