Japan clothing company ANNOUNCES SHADECLOTHERS to join the clothing marketplace

Shirts and dresses, coats, and other garments from Japanese clothing company Annouc, which opened its first store in the US last week, will be available in the store’s online store, the company said.

The company’s clothing has sold for $10,000, which is roughly 10 times the price of a similar item on Amazon.

Annoucs apparel also features a wide variety of styles, from traditional Japanese garments to fashionably futuristic pieces.

Announcs CEO and founder, Yuki Takagaki, said the new partnership is a step toward opening Announcers store to more consumers.

Announcers, which has a presence in Tokyo, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, is part of the largest online fashion retailing platform in the world.

Its customers can buy clothing online for a variety of prices, including on-sale, direct from its warehouses, or in-store.

Announcing the new Announcer partnership, Takagakaki said the company has been “growing rapidly” in recent years and is “ready to offer its consumers a variety and dynamic service.”

Takagaki said Announc stores have been able to attract a “global, diverse customer base” in the past and that the partnership with Announs will allow it to reach a larger, more diverse customer demographic.

The Announcncers store is scheduled to open in the San Francisco area in early November, and Takagakis said it is also looking to open its first retail store in Los Angeles later this year.

The Announcincers’ first store, in Japan, opened in February 2016 in Tokyo.

The store is one of two in the United States.