‘Grunge, girly, girlish’: Why ‘Gangnam Style’ is a hip trend

Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly grilled a new generation of gung-ho hipsters about the gendered meanings of their favorite pop culture memes.

The duo spent the first half of the interview trying to get hipsters to see that “Gangwon Style” isn’t just about the way they dress, but also the way their favorite movies and music are depicted.

Hannity asked one girl why she didn’t want to dress in a red “gangsta” outfit, as some of her friends did.

She responded: “I don’t know, I like a bit of glamour.

I don’t care if I wear red or not.”

Gangster chic isn’t limited to girls, though.

Kelly asked one boy why he didn’t dress in the traditional Korean garb of black trousers and a red jacket, like the “gangster” in “Gangs of New York.”

The answer, he explained, was because the style of hipster is “ghetto.”

Kelly asked if the boy could “tell the difference” between “gangsters” and “hipsters,” and he said, “I’m a hipster.

You can’t tell the difference.”