A ‘sexually explicit’ rainbow clothing chain is set to open in Sydney

A “sexually and racially explicit” clothing chain called Rainbow, which is set for its first Australian store, will open in New South Wales next year.

The company’s founder, Michael Moore, said his company was going “off-the-grid” to offer a “sex-positive” alternative to mainstream retailers, who he said had been too focused on “gender politics”.

“It’s not just about gender and sexuality.

We want to offer people a space that’s totally inclusive of all races and genders, all sexual orientations, all races, all religions,” Mr Moore said.”

If you’re a woman and you want to wear a rainbow-coloured dress, you can.

If you’re black and you like pink, you’re welcome.

We’re not trying to get into the political arena here, we just want to be the store that’s a place where people can shop and have fun.”

A number of other stores have already opened in Sydney, including a fashion boutique, a coffee shop and a bar and grill.

“It feels like it’s going to be like a different planet,” Mr MacKenzie said.

But he admitted the new location would be more accessible than the existing store, in a quiet area of Sydney’s CBD.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done, we still have to make sure there’s a space for everyone, we’re still learning a lot,” he said.

Mr Moore said the store was inspired by the rainbow-themed theme of the film “The Lion King”.

“We wanted to put the message out there that this is what the rainbow is about, and that we don’t care about the colour of our skin or our colour of hair,” he explained.

The store is set up in a “queer-friendly” area, with a bar on the ground floor and an outdoor terrace on the second floor.”

We’re just the rainbow, we are just one big community.”

The store is set up in a “queer-friendly” area, with a bar on the ground floor and an outdoor terrace on the second floor.

Mr MacKellen said it was important for the store to be accessible for people who might not be able to access other stores.

“I think we’re trying to give people a place to go and have a good time,” he remarked.

“A lot of people have the misconception that if you’re transgender or a queer person you can’t go into a mainstream store, but that’s not true.”

“You can get into a bar or lounge or the cafe.

We have a lot more space, we have a whole floor.”

The shop has about 30 customers per day, and has a “vibrant, funky” atmosphere.

Mr McMillian said the location was an opportunity for Rainbow to build “a community” for all of its customers.

“At the moment we’re not really going to offer anything that’s really exclusive or exclusive to one person, so if you want a pair of jeans and some sparkly coloured dresses or whatever, you should go to Rainbow and we’ll take care of it,” he told ABC Radio NSW.

“The idea is to have a space where people feel comfortable and that’s our goal, to make the space accessible to everybody.”

Follow the ABC’s live blog of the opening of Rainbow, here.

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