Why I Love Dress Up Toys

It’s been a while since I’ve had to wear a sexy dress to a dance party, but I’m so excited to get back out and do some shopping for the summer.

I’m excited to finally put together my summer collection and get my shopping done with a little help from my favorite designers!

I’ll be wearing a dress from the JoAnn collection, as well as a cute little skirt from the Designer’s Choice line.

The JoAnn Dress Up Dolls are so pretty and fun to wear, and I’ll be sure to pick up my own cute doll next! 

These cute doll dresses are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. 

The designer’s choice line has been great for me to pick out my summer outfits and get them all ready to go!

For the last couple months I’ve been wearing a bunch of outfits from the designer’s choices, but my favorite ones were from the Baby Doll collection.

When I got to the mall I picked up the dresses from the collection and they were so cute!

I love that they have a more adult-inspired look, so I’m excited that they will be going into the collection! 

For a little bit of fun, I’ve also decided to give these cute doll clothes a little fun as well.

I have a little idea for a doll dress that’s cute and adorable, and the designer said that I could pick it out for Christmas! 

My favorite doll dresses for Christmas are the ones from the baby doll collection, but for this year I’m going to go with the designer choices because they’re cute and cute!

I got to try the designer dresses out today and I loved them!

They look cute on me and I love the idea of having a fun dress and a doll doll.

I can’t wait to start dressing up my summer!