Why women are spending more on fashion items and clothing, and why the economy is doing better

Consumers are spending $1.7 trillion on fashion in 2017 and a record $8.7 billion on women’s apparel, according to research firm Next Big.

The trend for women’s fashion is driven by a changing world of technology, with new social media platforms and mobile apps that can bring in consumers who are interested in fashion and lifestyle trends.

The trend also reflects the shift to more casual wear and the growing importance of clothing and accessories to stay on trend and look good, according as part of Next Big’s report, The Next Big Fashion Market.

Trends and trends can be a little confusing, and consumers can be misinformed by certain retailers or clothing brands.

The clothing industry is a big consumer of clothing trends, and many retailers are trying to capitalize on them.

However, the clothing industry has been facing a shortage of inventory as it has shifted from being a fashion destination to a consumer destination.

Consumers are shopping for clothes more often online and are shopping on a shoestring budget.

The lack of inventory, and the price fluctuations, can cause retailers to lose money, or even cancel their orders.

This is why retailers such as Target and Kohl’s are looking to improve their supply and keep their inventory stocked.

They are also looking to expand their reach and expand their merchandise offerings to help consumers find items they might like.

In fact, Target is even working to build an additional store in the New York area.