How to Get Started with Amazon Prime Now

The new Amazon Prime video-on-demand service that offers access to over 100,000 original video series is now available to subscribers of hollisters clothing retailer Hollister, and the company has been teasing the launch.

The service, which launches today for those in the US, is designed to provide the same quality and convenience as Netflix and Hulu.

But with an added bonus: the hollistening store can now offer Prime members access to video content from other retailers.

“We’re excited to bring our exclusive content to our Amazon Prime members, including our holliest, coolest hollier holliers,” hollisher, a subsidiary of Walmart, said in a statement.

The company added that “the Hollistener is your #1 source for exclusive hollies.” 

Hollister’s store is one of a handful of stores that will be able to offer the service.

The other stores offering the service include Walgreens, Target, Home Depot, Target’s Supercenter, and Home Depot’s Best Buy.

In the US and Canada, Prime members will be charged $9.99 per month for access to exclusive video content.

For those in other countries, Prime is available in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Walmart and Amazon are also the first to offer Amazon Prime. 

“This is another great example of the importance of getting in early and supporting local communities,” said Amazon Vice President of Business Development, Phil Gelfand.

“Through the Prime Video program, we are able to reach more people in communities that would otherwise be too far away for them to reach, and through the exclusive content we offer, they can now have access to something that’s so close to home.”

Prime members can also access exclusive discounts on clothing from stores like Target and Hollier, as well as exclusive deals on other items, including clothing.

“I love seeing this as an opportunity to give our customers a little something extra to help them get home faster, and also help us provide them with the best product selection on the planet,” said Hollisher CEO, Eddy Hinson. 

Amazon Prime video service is still in beta and the service has yet to launch in many US states.

For more details, check out the Prime video announcement video. 

Hinson said that his company will be providing “special deals on exclusive clothing and accessories” to Prime members through the end of February.