What’s new at Walmart?

Walmart’s brand is getting a major facelift in the form of cheap maternity and baby clothes.

The retailer is offering more than 20,000 styles of maternity and nursery clothes for $20.

That’s a discount of more than 75%.

It’s a big move for the chain, which has struggled in recent years to compete with Amazon and other retailers.

Walmart is also doubling down on the brand’s low prices on new clothing.

The company has been cutting prices on a variety of categories, including baby clothing, cribs, clothing and baby gear, with the most expensive items going for $80.

The new deals are just one of the retailer’s efforts to improve its bottom line.

Walmart has been struggling in recent quarters, and some analysts expect the retailer to post a disappointing fourth quarter earnings report this month.

Walmart’s sales have slowed slightly over the past year.

The chain said last month that it would stop selling baby clothing and cribs for the holidays, but it is still selling the most popular baby products, including clothes, crib and diapers, for more than $1,200.

Walmart also announced a deal with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that would require the retailer and its suppliers to install cameras and other measures to ensure the safety of new products.

Walmart was the first major retailer to introduce these new safety measures in 2016.