What’s next for clothes?

The UK’s biggest clothing retailer has unveiled its latest clothing line, and it’s a big step for the brand as it tries to compete in the increasingly competitive world of fashion.

Clothes maker Wholesale & Mart has unveiled a line of high-quality clothing for the UK, which will be sold online.

Wholesale’s new line will be available from February 2017.

Its first product is a collection of men’s shirts, with a range of sizes available from a 6XL to a 20XL.

The brand has launched two other new products, which can be ordered in three different sizes, ranging from a 10XL to an 18XL.

It is the first time a major clothing retailer in the UK has made a foray into the online fashion market.

Whole Foods has already launched a range online that can be purchased through its own website and via its own app.

Whipsale has not commented on its plans to launch the new clothing online.

It comes after Wholesalers boss Andy Wardle announced in May that he was leaving the company to focus on the business of Wholesaler, which includes a clothing business.

The retail giant said last month that it would be investing £200m in the new Wholesales and Wholesaling businesses, in addition to its current £3.4bn in the online retail sector.

Whalesalers chief executive Simon Hall said at the time that the new online business would bring about a “more differentiated, more targeted and better value for our customers”.

It is unclear how much of the new clothes will be on sale, but Wholesallyers stock has risen sharply over the last year.