When you’re looking for baby clothes to wear with your friends, Target has got your back

Target is one of the top baby clothes retailers in the country, but the retailer has not always been as supportive of women’s fashion.

In 2013, Target announced it was closing down its stores for the year due to the “unfortunate” deaths of two baby girls and a mother who suffered a miscarriage.

Target has since said the store closures would be phased in over the next several years.

Target has also taken steps to improve its policies for women’s baby clothing.

In 2017, the retailer introduced the Baby Shorts program, which provides baby clothing for women to wear at home, to promote healthy baby wear.

The Baby Shirts program also offers baby clothing at discount prices and offers a “baby shopping experience,” Target says on its website.

The company said that the program will “enable moms and dads to shop baby clothes that are just as cute as baby clothes made for grownups.”

Target said in 2017 that it had “an unwavering commitment to supporting all families by eliminating sales barriers to our members, as well as promoting and empowering our members through our Baby Shirt program.”

Target has since released a statement to The Huffington Post saying that “our sincere apologies” were not warranted.

“We made this decision because we know how important it is to support all families and the moms and babies we serve.

We’ve been working to make our store more family friendly, and we are proud to continue that commitment,” Target said.

Target says its Baby Shirting program has already been implemented in its store, which has now reached 100 stores.

Target also said it would begin offering baby clothes at discounted prices in 2018.

“Target Baby Shortenings is a fun, interactive program that encourages families to shop with confidence,” Target stated in a statement.

“It’s designed to help parents make sure their kids are wearing the right outfit for the occasion.

We hope parents will find the new Baby Shorters helpful and empowering.”