Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: Which is better?

The Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) new policy to allow girls to wear uniforms that resemble their male counterparts has sparked outrage and anger, and has been criticised by some parents.

But what does the Boy Scouts really stand for?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Boy Scout program?

The Boy Scout Program is an official national scout program.

It’s the only national scout organization that provides scouts with formal leadership training and the opportunity to earn awards.

It is recognised by the US government as an equal opportunity employer.

It was founded in 1912 as the United States’ first national scout programme.

It now provides over 7,000 Boy Scouts with the same opportunities to grow and develop their Scouts, according to the BSA’s website.

The BSA says the policy is about giving boys the chance to learn the skills needed to be successful in life.

But the Scouts say that’s not enough, and the policy has sparked criticism from parents, who argue it’s only about putting boys on top of girls.

The Boy Scouting motto is: “Let us help each other, not judge each other”.

What do the Scouts believe?

The Scouts believe boys are better leaders, and they want to give boys more of the leadership experience.

They say they want girls to be encouraged to learn about leadership, and to help boys become leaders too.

The Scouts also want to provide opportunities for girls to excel in school, so they can make better decisions for themselves, as well as being more likely to become leaders.

What do parents say?

Parents say the policy discriminates against girls, because it gives boys the advantage in leadership.

The policy allows boys to wear boys’ clothes and is based on the idea that girls are inherently better leaders than boys.

In an interview with ABC News, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) told ABC News that the policy was a huge step backwards.

“The boys are doing it because they’re being taught to be leaders.

If it were just a case of letting boys wear girls’ clothes, I would think the boys would be fine,” she said.

She also said it wasn’t fair for the Scouts to put boys on a pedestal, as there’s no difference between a boy and a girl.

“If they’re boys and girls are girls, that’s a different kind of role,” she told ABC.

The issue has divided parents.

Some parents have defended the policy, saying it’s about boys, and others say it’s a way for boys to get ahead.

What are the Scouts doing to combat the criticism?

The BSAs website says the Scout program has already changed more than 100 million items in stores across the US, and it’s also worked to help thousands of girls in need.

The new policy is also being rolled out across the country, and will also be rolled out nationwide by March 2018.

The decision to allow boys to enter the program was made by a panel of scouts and leaders, who have spent years learning how to work with parents, said Tom Clements, the director of the US BSA.

The change will not affect the way Scouts do their business, Mr Clements said.

“I am absolutely confident that our program is the most inclusive program in the country,” he said.

What’s the cost?

It will cost the BSAS $2.5 million over the next five years, according the BCA.

The government says it will also spend $5 million to pay for the change, which it says is “equivalent to the annual costs of all the BsA programs”.

Critics say the decision is too small, with the BSO already paying out $50 million over seven years to pay its staff.

“These are not the kinds of things that you should have to sacrifice in order to help your community,” said Rebecca Kohn, who’s raised her two daughters in the US with the goal of becoming leaders.

“There’s a lot of money to be saved, and there’s a huge amount of pressure put on them to do this in order for their daughters to be accepted and to be part of the program.”

Why is it controversial?

Critics have pointed to the controversy surrounding the Boy Scouting policy, which was launched by President Donald Trump.

Critics also argue that the decision to let boys wear dresses in the policy will hurt girls.

Many parents have complained about the policy and the way it discriminates, and some say it will affect their daughters’ dreams of becoming a leader.

The controversy is not new.

There have been other controversies surrounding the BSU over the years.

In 2001, the BSF issued a statement to clarify that the Scouts were not discriminating against girls and that they were simply trying to promote equality.

What does the BCO do?

The US BCO is a government agency, and as such it’s responsible for the federal policies of the Boy, Girl and Cub Scouts.

It has jurisdiction over the BSC, the US’ national Boy