Baby alive clothes store in Australia sells to Walmart

A womens clothing store in Queensland, Australia, is opening up shop to Walmart after being told it couldn’t sell its products in Australia due to the government’s policy on child labor.

The store is owned by the group Sisters Clothing, which was founded by a group of nuns in 1996.

It sells women’s clothing under the Sisters brand and has about 300 employees.

Walmart Australia spokeswoman Kate Taylor said the store will sell women’s underwear, women’s shoes, womens coats and coats, women-only clothing, women accessories, women footwear, womans coats, womensen dresses, womns jackets, wombs accessories, women clothing, womening dresses, mens clothing, mammas clothing and womens footwear.

She said the company was not yet ready to share its plans for the new store.

“We are exploring options for new stores to expand our retail presence in Australia and are currently considering an expansion to include womens apparel, womning dresses, accessories and women womens shoes,” Taylor said in an email.

Wal-Mart is one of a number of retailers that has said it won’t carry or sell its clothing or footwear in Australia, citing the country’s child labor laws.

Walmart has previously said it would not buy its own products.

But Sisters Clothing is a small operation and has been struggling to keep up with growing demand.

Its business model relies heavily on sales to the online shopping and apparel markets.

It operates a clothing and accessories business from its headquarters in the Australian Capital Territory.

The group was founded in 1996 and has now grown to more than 2,500 members, according to its website.

The Sisters Clothing store will operate out of its warehouse in the small town of Westfield in Queensland.

“The business is growing and we are confident of our future,” the company said on its website last week.

“At the moment we have no plans to expand beyond Westfield, but will continue to work with the Australian government and community partners to further explore the possibilities of a new location.”

Sisters Clothing is now the biggest independent womens retail business in Australia.