80s Fashion for Dads

“It was my favorite thing I ever did.”—Matt Lauer, Fox News, November 9, 2018 “It took some getting used to, but I just felt like my body, I wanted to be a mother, and I wanted that.”—Maggie Gallagher, Latex clothing retailer, October 2017 “My favorite thing about being a mom is the kids.”—Kelly, LateX clothing retailer source New Yorker article “I like to dress myself and my daughter up in whatever fashion she likes.

It’s a lot of fun.”—Gaby, Latext clothing retailersource New York Times article “When I’m out there, I’m thinking, What do I wear to a party?

What do my kids wear to school?

And I want them to know I’m the only one who’s wearing that outfit.”—Toni, Late X clothing retailer article “If you wear the right thing, it makes you feel good.

If you wear something else, it doesn’t.”—Juanita, Late x clothing retailer