‘We’re going to have a real life’ as a transgender woman in Texas

A transgender woman living in Texas is taking on the spotlight with her own brand of hiking clothes and a new way to tell her story.

Theresa Hall, 34, started dressing in women’s clothing after transitioning from male to female at age 12 and has become known for her unique wardrobe that combines traditional feminine attire with stylish accessories, such as a black blouse and skirt.

Hall has made a name for herself in the hiking world and has been featured in national publications, including People magazine, People and The Huffington Posts.

Her latest fashion line, Hiking & Backpack, is inspired by her own journey and her favorite hiking trails, the Huffington Post reported.

The brand features products that she made in the past but is now selling for $30.

The collection includes the original hiking shorts, boots and jackets, which are handmade by Hall herself.

She uses the same sewing machine and sewing techniques to make the items as she did when she was a girl.

The clothing was made with the help of her mother and her husband and she sells it at her local clothing store.

She says the company has been selling the clothing for more than a year.

Hall says her style has changed over time.

She started to wear men’s clothing when she transitioned from male, but now prefers to dress in women and be a little more feminine.

She says she started out as a little tomboy in high school, but is no longer afraid to wear a skirt or blouse, which is why she’s now calling it her “gender identity brand.”

Hall says she feels that she has made strides since she transitioned and feels more confident in her appearance.