Walmart, Walmart employees join Fight for $15 labor union

Walmart is joining the Fight for a $15 minimum wage nationwide.

Walmart is the latest fast food restaurant chain to join the Fight, which is led by a coalition of local unions that includes the National Restaurant Association, the Service Employees International Union, the United Food and Commercial Workers union, and several smaller unions.

The Walmart statement comes after the fast food giant announced it would hire 400 people this year, which it did last month, to help its employees make ends meet.

The company says it plans to hire 3,000 employees this year and hire 3 million more by 2022.

The workers will be trained in how to organize, which the company says is essential for its success.

Walter Shaub, CEO of the National Employment Law Project, which represents more than 3 million workers nationwide, said Walmart’s decision to join was an important step toward creating a “safe, fair, and inclusive work environment for all of our associates.”

Walmart’s decision follows other major retailers such as Chipotle, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut, which also have announced their intention to increase pay and improve working conditions at their stores.

The union has also announced a nationwide campaign to urge Walmart employees to join its union.

The Walmart statement says Walmart’s commitment to working families is reflected in the company’s commitment “to offer opportunities for employees to participate in all aspects of their work lives.”

Walter Shub, senior vice president of corporate communications for Walmart, said the company is “deeply committed to our employees, our employees’ families, and our families.”