Why are you wearing jeans? – Forbes

August 5, 2021 0 Comments

The most common attire worn by young men in the United States is a denim and t-shirt, according to a survey conducted by the US-based clothing company Dennys, which is based in New York. 

The study, which polled about 3,000 people, found that while the vast majority of respondents had never worn jeans before, some did, and while it was not the most popular option, it was still popular. 

“We had people who have never worn pants before, but were wearing jeans in a number of different ways,” Dennies head of consumer insights, Ben Lomax, told Forbes.

“There was also an interesting trend of wearing jeans and tshirts with shorts, like I’ve always done.

That was a really common way people were showing their support for a specific cause.” 

Lomax added that he had noticed an uptick in the use of jeans in the US, specifically in the south, and that this was not surprising given the “disparity in culture and politics”.

“The majority of our survey participants, as well as a significant number of people who had never owned a pair of jeans before were also wearing a pair at the time,” he said. 

In an earlier survey conducted in 2014, Dennities surveyed 1,200 people across the country.

“We asked the people who were wearing the most jeans whether they were a fan of denim or t-shirts, and we found that a significant percentage of our respondents said they were fans of jeans,” Lomacks said.

“In other words, they were more likely to support a cause they supported in a way that made sense to them.” 

While it is possible to get a sense of the popularity of a particular style of jeans by looking at the number of times the term is used on websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the company has also taken the survey data and compiled it into a handy online app called Dennyscissors, which can be used to compare the popularity across different social media platforms.

“This is a huge opportunity for brands to be able to really be seen by their consumers in a very useful way,” Lomsak said.

 “It’s like a fashion show for them.

You can look at the trends and how they’re trending.

It’s very helpful for them to have that as a starting point to go from there.”

The app can be downloaded from the Dennises website.