When the kappa jacket’s all yours, it’s time to get out of the closet

July 24, 2021 0 Comments

When the last time you wore a kappa shirt was at the World Cup in 2019, you probably had a tough time finding the right outfit for the occasion.

And now you can go ahead and put the kopas’ all-white look to good use.

It’s the latest trend to hit the fashion industry, but this time, you can also snag the white-toothed kappa coat from a variety of designers like Vans, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters.

It features a hooded, patch-covered design, a buttoned front and a hem that’s just a bit longer than you might expect.

A zip closure at the top keeps the jacket securely closed.

You can get it at all three of the designers, from Old Navy to Vans.

Vans offers the white kappa from the kupas’ first season, but the label has been adding a few other new designs for the past few years, including the new white kupa.

The new jacket is available in four sizes from men’s to women’s.

You’ll need to shop around for your size and to choose the right fit, so keep checking back for our guide.

We’ve included the hooded hooded kappa at the bottom of this article, so you can see it in all its white glory.