Why women dress differently when they’re pregnant

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to dressing to keep the baby comfortable, it’s no different for pregnant women.

“It’s just a way of trying to keep your body healthy,” says Brittany Hickey, founder of the BabyBooth.com blog.

“I like to have a really basic outfit that’s really comfortable for my body.”

In other words, Hickey’s got nothing but maternity clothes.

And when it comes down to it, women who are in the early stages of pregnancy are more likely to choose clothes that are more flattering to their bodies, which means the clothes they wear during the pregnancy are going to be a little more tailored.

“Women who are pregnant or in the last trimester tend to look a little bit more modern and trendy than those who are not pregnant,” says Hickey.

And if you want to be more specific, the more basic the outfit, the better.

“If I was pregnant and had a dress, I would probably go for something that’s kind of tailored,” Hickey says.

“You’ll definitely find that the more you know about your body, the less likely you are to look like a douchebag.”

Hickey also likes to dress more conservatively, so she opts for casual, lightweight outfits that she can wear on a daily basis.

And for those who prefer more of a casual look, Hicky has a few ideas for how to go about that.

“We have a great selection of casual dresses that we’ve got on our website for you,” she says.

The first one is the “Couture” dress, which is a combination of a low cut dress and a skirt, and has a very flattering fit and looks great paired with a sweater or blazer.

The second one is “Dress of the Month,” which Hickey recommends for those in the first trimester.

The third one is Hickey and her husband, Josh, who has a vintage, low-cut dress called the “Egg,” which has a great fit and features an embroidered pattern.

Hickey thinks that the best thing about these dresses is that they’re low-maintenance and not overly expensive, which can make them a good choice for those trying to maintain their pregnancy while still keeping their bodies in great shape.

“The only thing you really need to worry about is the fabric, but if you have the right materials in your wardrobe, you’re going to find you can get a really great dress with less work,” Hochic says.

For those in between stages of the pregnancy, Hochics recommends opting for more classic styles.

“For people who are trying to stay in style while pregnant, I think they should keep everything casual,” she explains.

Hochiccas dress collection includes the “Glamorize,” which is designed to give your outfit a modern, glamorous look, and the “Fashionable,” which comes in three different styles, which include a dress with a strapless neckline, a simple lace bodice, and a lace skirt.

“Fruit & Wine” is a modern-looking dress with floral print, and is a great choice for someone who wants to stay true to their look while trying to balance out the fact that their body is changing.

Hoecky also has a couple of more traditional dresses, like “Girlfriend” and “Diva,” which have both lace and satin trim.

“There are a lot of styles that you can wear for casual and the dress you should definitely be thinking about is Girlfriend, which I think is a really nice dress for those of us who are more conservative,” Hiecky says.

Hiecks also recommends the “Dance” for those looking to wear something a little less formal, like the “Velvet,” which features a strappy skirt and a sheer floral print.