‘We’re not doing this for the money’: Mom’s story about her daughter’s surgery

June 30, 2021 0 Comments

A mom’s decision to wear a dress for her 10-month-old daughter’s breast reduction surgery has raised a whole new set of questions for parents.

But for Katie and Michael Belsky, it was also a moment of triumph.

The couple, who have two teenage daughters, decided to wear the dress for their daughter, who was born with small nipples and has had the procedure twice in the last year.

Katie says she has always been an advocate for breast reduction, but she never thought about it until last year when her daughter underwent the procedure.

“The doctor said, ‘It’s a beautiful dress,’ and she said, and I said, she is beautiful,” Katie said.

“She had a beautiful pink dress on her, and she had the nurse come and put it on for her, it wasn’t like I didn’t know about it, it had a little bit of a special feeling about it.”

Katie and her husband are expecting their first child, but are not quite ready to tell their story yet.

“I’m not going to tell my story to people because I don’t know if I can tell my mom’s story,” she said.

“I want to do it because I want my baby to have a beautiful, healthy body.”

The couple is now planning to do a similar surgery for their second child, hoping to make the decision to keep wearing the dress easier.

“We’re hoping that people will understand and that maybe they’ll see this is not a big deal to them,” Katie Belski said.